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Student Life

Winkelman houses approximately 600 children who speak over 25 languages, and a talented, diverse staff to support our mission to empower every student.

Class sizes range between 15 and 22. The school day, schedule, teaching practices and educational setting at Winkelman School is tailored to best provide a developmentally appropriate, yet rigorous learning environment. Our dedicated and professional teachers and support staff place a strong emphasis on meeting the unique needs of every learner. Winkelman provides targeted support and programming for our primary (pre-K-2nd grade) and intermediate (3rd-5th grade) with a co-principal model. Ms. Shaton Wolverton is the lead principal for our primary program, while Mr. Nino Alvarez serves as the lead principal for the intermediate program. 

Programs are available to provide extra challenge and enrichment as well as additional support. Hands-on learning and stimulating educational experiences provide students with varied opportunities to interact with the material in meaningful ways. Technology is used as a tool to support instruction and further enhance the learning experience. iPads are provided to every student in grades K – 2nd and Chromebooks are provided to every student in grades 3rd through 5th.