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School District 31 Health Message: Covid Testing

School District 31 Health Message: Covid Testing
Hayley Garard

District 31 is excited to once again partner with Shield Illinois and Passport Health to provide weekly Covid test opportunities. SHIELD is an innovative, saliva-based test created by the University of Illinois. Learn more at the Shield Illinois website or in our health addendum.

Shield is now offering a home based testing solution. Rather than testing during the day during class time, testing kits will be sent home. As proposed by Shield, at the beginning of the month, enough kits will be sent home to allow for a weekly test for the whole month. On Wednesdays, students will bring in a testing kit that was completed at home. The returned sample must be less than 24 hours old. The test kits will be collected at school in the morning and sent in for processing. Learn more about the home (unobserved) testing option here

In order to participate in the Shield Illinois testing, parents/guardians must OPT-IN each student. OPT IN using this link.  Students who are opted in will receive test kits to bring home monthly.  

In order to receive the test kits for the month of August, please submit the opt-in forms by August 18. The first test submission will be Wednesday, August 24.  Families will be able to opt in at later dates or opt back out at any point by contacting the school nurses. If you have any questions, please contact your school nurse.