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Winkelman Mission

Winkelman School develops and celebrates children's academic, artistic, athletic, and social/emotional needs. Students, parents, and staff work collaboratively to support a learning environment where all feel mutually welcomed, respected, and appreciated.

Winkelman Vision

Winkelman: A place where everyone is empowered to grow and learn

Winkelman's Collective Commitment Statement
  • We will engage students in rich instruction to help all learners be successful and celebrate successes.
  • We will plan collaboratively, using data, to create engaging lessons that meet the needs of all learners in order to support the whole child.
Winkelman's Collective Commitment Statement
  • We will set high expectations and use classroom data to create appropriate interventions for student success.
  • We will refine and prioritize common assessments aligned with our instruction.
Winkelman's Collective Commitment Statement
  • We have a shared responsibility to collaborate within our school community to provide the exchange of ideas, materials and methods allowing us to improve andcelebrate all forms of achievement for all students.
  • We will listen to each other and respect and be open to perspectives brought by all whether agreeing or disagreeing; we will work to promote a spirit of inquiry.

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